DC HAPP Scholars Graduate

DC HAPP Scholars Graduate Students in the DC HAPP graduated from the program Ashley Rizzardo May 17, 2018 A scholar can be many things: someone with ambition and perseverance; someone who faces and gets through adversity; someone who can see themselves anywhere. These were just a few of the attributes that students in the DC […]

How social isolation transforms the brain

Chronic social isolation has debilitating effects on mental health in mammals — for example, it is often associated with depression and post-traumatic stress disorder in humans. Now, a team of Caltech researchers has discovered that social isolation causes the build-up of a particular chemical in the brain, and that blocking this chemical eliminates the negative […]

Scientists find how immune system helps to clear HBV infection after treatment interruption

The immune system recovers in some patients Further studies necessary Scientists from Karolinska Institutet and Hannover Medical School have published two studies that provide insights into how the immune system responds and helps to clear a hepatitis B infection after treatment interruption. The findings offer a framework for future tailored treatment strategies and are published […]