Coastal Genomics’ LightBench integrated with Hamilton liquid handler systems to bring efficiencies, savings for clinical laboratories

Automated gel electrophoresis combined with liquid handling workstations vastly improves time and efficiency for sequencing and associated quality control Hamilton Robotics is proud to integrate the LightBench® with Ranger® Technology from Coastal Genomics onto the NIMBUS® Select and all Hamilton liquid handling platforms. Together, they automate DNA protocols and enable fully automated electrophoresis for size […]

Could ‘one puff’ of cannabis ease depression?

Studying data from a cannabis app Chronic use may worsen depression A new study sheds light on how different quantities of tetrahydrocannabinol and cannabidiol — the psychoactive compounds in cannabis — affect levels of stress, anxiety, and depression. Researchers reveal how different concentrations of cannabinoids might impact anxiety, stress, and depression. Researchers from Washington State […]

Study illustrates emerging role for telemedicine in disaster response

Direct-to-consumer telemedicine is a viable way to deliver medical care in the days following a natural disaster, although most people who use such services do so for routine matters rather than disaster-caused illnesses, according to a new RAND Corporation study. Examining the experience of one direct-to-consumer service in the weeks following Hurricanes Harvey and Irma […]

Hospital patients are more interested in tracking their health data, research shows

New research shows that patients in the hospital are eager to collaborate with clinicians to track their health data. Traditionally, clinicians have been the only ones who collect, track and reflect on that data. The findings uncover new directions for researchers in the field of human-computer interaction, said Andrew Miller, one of the researchers and […]

Yildiz Kelahmetoglu new
Yildiz Kelahmetoglu new blogger in Curie

Yildiz Kelahmetoglu new blogger in the Curie 2018-04-25 She blogs about the struggles and opportunities for women in science Yildiz Kelahmetoglu is a PhD candidate at Karolinska Institutet and studies damage response and regeneration in central nervous system after injuries and diseases. In her spare time she enjoys to read short stories, run and dance […]

Salk researchers develop new glioblastoma model using gene-edited organoids

Glioblastoma multiforme (GBM) is an incredibly deadly brain cancer and presents a serious black box challenge. It’s virtually impossible to observe how these tumors operate in their natural environment and animal models don’t always provide good answers. But now, Salk Institute researchers have taken an important step towards meeting that challenge. By editing two genes […]