Artificial sweeteners may damage blood vessels

A fresh look at sweeteners Biochemical changes We know that sugar, consumed in large amounts, increases the risk of a range of health concerns. A recent study showed that artificial sweeteners may have similar consequences, but through completely different biochemical pathways. Which is safest: sugar or artificial sweeteners? During recent years, excessive sugar intake has […]

Researchers develop new vaccine to help people overcome bath salts abuse

Researchers have developed a vaccine for one of the most dangerous types of synthetic cathinones, or bath salts. The vaccine blunts the illegal stimulant’s effects on the brain, which could help recovering drug users who experience a relapse. Samantha McClenahan, a doctoral student at the University of Arkansas for Medical Sciences, will present test results […]

Higher consumption of fish linked to better neurological health

A new study from Chalmers University of Technology, Sweden, shines more light on the link between consumption of fish and better long-term neurological health. Parvalbumin, a protein found in great quantities in several different fish species, has been shown to help prevent the formation of certain protein structures closely associated with Parkinson’s disease. Fish has […]