Health care: other
Health care: other case Tbc to Fatebenefratelli, student nurse

(ANSAmed)-Rome, OCTOBER 19-another case of tuberculosis (TB) hospital Fatebenefratelli Tiber island in Rome, after 5 of the past months concerning the health facility     This time is a infermieristichedell science student’s University Tor Vergata of 21 years, who plays the tirocinioal er. Several students have undergone an awfully big withdrawal for the Quantiferon Test; After […]

The crooks of
The crooks of medicine alert

When Steve Jobs, the great founder of Apple, was diagnosed with a localized form of pancreatic cancer, in 2003, he initially refused the surgery that was needed For nine months, he followed the advice of “spiritualists” and thought to heal with herbs, carrot juice and acupuncture. In 2004, when he finally decided to have surgery, […]

More hopes in
More hopes in vitro by maternity for women with cancer

 In October, breast cancer prevention, the Valencian infertility Institute (Ivi) comes a good news for women with serious health problems forced to postpone motherhood IVI has participated in a study, conducted together with Incliva-University of Valencia and published in Fertility and Sterility, that focuses on the effects of oocyte vitrification and embryo quality, highlighting how […]