New dopamine sensors could improve our understanding of Parkinson’s Disease

Related video Researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology have found a way of measuring dopamine in the brain for more than a year. The development could help scientists understand much more about how the neurotransmitter is involved in disorders such as Parkinson’s disease and depression. Image Credit: Naeblys / Shutterstock Traditional devices for measuring […]

The spark that created life

Related video Evolution by Darwinian natural selection is immensely powerful — both in nature and within laboratories. Using ‘laboratory evolution’, we can take an enzyme which combines random mutations and functional selection, and improve its function by more than 1000 times. You can see evidence of science taking advantage of evolution across the field, from […]

What to know about infectious (septic) arthritis

Related video Causes of infectious arthritis Symptoms of infectious arthritis Treating infectious arthritis Antibiotics Anti-fungal medication Anti-viral medication Draining the joint Exercises Complications Risk factors Diagnosis Infectious arthritis vs. reactive arthritis Outlook Infectious arthritis, also called septic arthritis, is an infection in a joint that causes arthritis-like symptoms. It is a type of inflammatory arthritis […]

Improving early-stage diagnosis of diseases linked to metabolic syndrome

Related video An EU-funded network of universities, hospitals and pharmaceutical and life sciences companies is studying an inflammatory condition associated with a variety of diseases. Their work on metabolic syndrome could lead to faster and more effective therapeutic approaches for diseases such as diabetes, which affects 33 million people in the EU, cardiovascular disease, which […]