SCHILLER launches advanced stress test systems

March 12, 2018 SCHILLER introduces the CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence and the CARDIOVIT CS-200 Touch: A combination of high diagnostic quality and maximum flexibility for optimal patient care and streamlined workflow. CARDIOVIT CS-200 Excellence: Equipped with the latest technology and superior diagnostic tools, from 16-lead acquisition to HyperQ Analysis, CS-200 Excellence provides high performance and decision-making […]

Telemonitoring benefits remain unclear for patients with cardiac disorders

March 12, 2018 To prevent cardiac death, people with certain cardiac disorders are implanted with electronic devices designed to automatically stimulate the heartbeat or counteract serious arrhythmia if necessary. Nowadays these devices also permit to monitor heart function from a distance. In case of conspicuous recordings, the physician may take additional therapeutic measures. However, it […]