New drug-delivery system disguises chemotherapeutics as fat to outsmart tumors

Related video A stealthy new drug-delivery system disguises chemotherapeutics as fat in order to outsmart, penetrate and destroy tumors. Thinking the drugs are tasty fats, tumors invite the drug inside. Once there, the targeted drug activates, immediately suppressing tumor growth. The drug also is lower in toxicity than current chemotherapy drugs, leading to fewer side […]

Adolescents using multiple sources for prescription drugs at high risk for substance use disorders

Related video Roughly 11% of high school seniors reported prescription drug misuse during the past year, and of those, 44% used multiple supply sources, according to a pair of University of Michigan studies. More than 70% of adolescents who obtained prescription drugs from multiple sources had a substance use disorder-;involving prescription medications, other drugs and […]

Strategic partnership will help improve health outcomes for patients with autoimmune disease

Related video The American Autoimmune Related Diseases Association (AARDA) announced today a strategic alliance with iMD Health Global that will help evolve communications between physicians and patients to improve health outcomes, focused on autoimmune and related diseases, which is estimated to affect over 50 million Americans. iMD Health offers innovative technology that facilitates meaningful dialogue […]

“Sexting” amongst teens, numbers not decreasing despite preventive efforts

Related video Little knowledge of current “sexting” rates Majority of teens not into “sexting” Sexting rates still not going down Sending or receiving sexually explicit or sexually suggestive images and videos, via mobile phones, or “sexting” isn’t an as widespread occurrence as previously thought, but the number of teens engaging in the activity hasn’t lessened […]