Novel gel regrows brain tissue after stroke

New approach to stroke damage Motor recovery A new study paper describes a groundbreaking bioengineered gel that can help stroke-damaged brain tissue to regrow. Photomicrograph of stroke-damaged tissue with gel (explained in text).Image credit: UCLA Health A stroke occurs when blood supply to a certain part of the brain is significantly reduced, resulting in brain […]

Frontal cortical lesions moderate response to prism adaptation treatment after stroke

Stroke researchers have confirmed that the presence of frontal cortical lesions moderated response to prism adaptation treatment after right-brain stroke. Their findings are detailed in “Neuropsychological Rehabilitation. The authors are Kelly M. Goedert, PhD, of Seton Hall University, Peii Chen, PhD, of Kessler Foundation, Anne L. Foundas, MD, of Tulane University, and A.M. Barrett, MD, […]