Penn Medicine team launches universal stroke awareness program

In an effort to improve stroke recognition and reduce life-threatening pre-hospital delays worldwide, an international team lead by researchers at Penn Medicine created a universal stroke awareness program, Stroke 112. This week, the team published encouraging results in Stroke, the journal of the American Stroke Association, about the program’s acceptance in a non-English-speaking environment. Stroke […]

What to know about hypohidrosis

Symptoms Causes Skin conditions and injuries Dehydration Certain medications Nerve disorders Inherited conditions Diagnosis Associated risks Treatment and management When to see a doctor Outlook Hypohidrosis is a condition that causes a person to sweat less than usual. Sweating helps the body to cool down, and insufficient sweating can lead to heat-related illnesses such as […]

The Hot Dog You Shouldn’t Have

FRIDAY, June 15, 2018 — The scorching heat of summer poses dangers to people, but dogs also need protection from soaring temperatures, one veterinarian warns. Benjamin Brainard, director of clinical research at the University of Georgia’s College of Veterinary Medicine, offered the following tips to help pet owners keep their dogs cool when it heats […]