How to make yourself fart

Poses to pass gas Child’s pose Knee to chest pose Happy baby pose Seated forward fold Squats Twists Other tips to relieve gas Reducing the need to fart Holding in a fart Takeaway Farting is a natural process and often occurs without help, but sometimes a buildup of gas in the body can cause pain […]

How to get rid of trapped gas

20 ways to get rid of gas pain fast Takeaway Gas trapped in the intestines can be incredibly uncomfortable. It may cause sharp pain, cramping, swelling, tightness, and even bloating. Most people pass gas between 13 and 21 times a day. When gas is blocked from escaping, diarrhea or constipation may be responsible. Gas pain […]

Who Do City Mosquitoes Bite Most?

TUESDAY, April 10, 2018 — In cities, the chances of being bitten by mosquitoes varies according to neighborhood income — and middle-class residents may be at greatest risk. That’s the upshot of a study done in Baltimore, where researchers spent two years analyzing DNA from mosquitoes’ stomachs. They found that in low-income neighborhoods, rats were […]