Researchers develop ingestible sensor to non-invasively monitor indicators of disease

NIBIB-funded researchers at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) have created an ingestible sensor to non-invasively monitor indicators of disease in the stomach and intestines. The capsule carries genetically engineered bacteria that sense specific substances in the gut. The other components built into the one-and-a-half-inch capsule include phototransistors, a custom integrated circuit, a small battery, […]

What to know about annular pancreas

What is an annular pancreas? Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Surgery After surgery Complications Outlook An annular pancreas is when a ring of pancreas tissue grows around part of the small intestine, which can cause intestinal blockages. Annular means ring-shaped, and it refers to the ring of tissue around the segment of small intestine, which is […]

Why do newborn babies grunt?

Is newborn grunting normal? What causes newborn grunting? Related symptoms Newborn grunting vs. constipation Home remedies Learning to pass stools Irregular breathing Trapped mucus GER When to see a doctor Meningitis Sepsis Heart failure Takeaway Usually, newborns grunt when they learn how to pass stool. However, this grunting can occasionally indicate a health issue, such […]