What is box breathing?

The box breathing method Why breath is vital to health Benefits Tips for box breathing Other deep breathing techniques Takeaway Box breathing is a powerful, yet simple, relaxation technique that aims to return breathing to its normal rhythm. This breathing exercise may help to clear the mind, relax the body, and improve focus. The technique […]

What should you eat when you are sick?

Colds and flu Foods to avoid Nausea, vomiting, and diarrhea Foods to avoid Constipation Foods to avoid Summary When a person is sick, they may find it difficult to develop an appetite. However, it is important to receive nourishment and stay hydrated, especially when feeling unwell. Different types of food can combat different types of […]

Stomach acid take blocker with caution

Studies show that stomach acid blockers pose health hazards. Anyone who regularly takes risks side effects – such as gastro-intestinal infections, iron-deficiency, or osteoporosis. The release of acid should be reduced in our stomach, get stomach acid blocker. And very often: proton pump inhibitors (PPI), as it is medically called, are most often taken. Your […]

How do you stop hunger pains?

What are the causes? 1. Hunger hormone 2. Quality of food eaten 3. Dehydration 4. The environment 5. Lack of sleep 6. Emotional state 7. Medication and medical conditions Symptoms Hunger pains when dieting How to alleviate hunger pains Eat at regular intervals Choose nutrient-dense foods Fill up on low-calorie foods Stay hydrated Get enough […]