Why Friendships Matter

THURSDAY, Aug. 16, 2018 — Your calendar might be filled with play-dates for your kids, but it’s important to ink in some get-togethers of your own. Existing friendships may take a back seat to other priorities, and making new friends might seem like mission impossible, but research suggests that friends may be more important to […]

Mountain Dew does not kill sperm

Does Mountain Dew affect fertility at all? Does caffeine affect fertility at all? Does yellow dye 5 affect fertility? Proven factors that can affect sperm count Proven ways to improve fertility Takeaway Mountain Dew does not kill sperm, contrary to popular myth. There are two reasons why some people mistakenly believe Mountain Dew kills sperm […]

Health Tip: Fight Frequent Fatigue

— It is normal to be tired now and then. But if your fatigue doesn’t end after a good night’s sleep, there may be underlying health concerns, the U.S. National Institute on Aging says. Certain medications, medical problems and emotional health issues can trigger feelings of frequent exhaustion, the agency says. It offers these suggestions: […]

Study: Indian-Americans have lowest rate of sudden unexpected infant deaths

Indian-Americans have the highest percentage of sleeping with their babies among ethnic groups in New Jersey but the lowest rate of sudden unexpected infant death (SUID), a Rutgers Biomedical and Health Sciences study shows. Researchers attributed this paradoxical finding to a variety of compensatory factors, including Indian-Americans’ practice of placing their infants on their backs […]