Reduction in US cigarette smoking rates

According to the latest government data, fewer people than before are smoking cigarettes. The statistics come from the annual national health survey conducted by the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC). For this survey 27,000 adults were interviewed. Image Credit: Pisit Koolplukpol / Shutterstock The report shows that around 14 percent of adult population […]

U.S. Smoking Rate Hits All-Time Low

TUESDAY, June 19, 2018 — Fewer than 14 percent of American adults smoked cigarettes in 2017, the lowest level seen since data collection started in 1965, government health officials reported Tuesday. “Certainly, it is fantastic that the U.S. smoking rates continue to drop,” said Dr. Adam Lackey, chief of thoracic surgery at Staten Island University […]

What is rhinophyma?

Causes Symptoms Diagnosis Treatment Outlook Rhinophyma is a skin disorder that causes the nose to become enlarged and bulbous. The nose may look red, swollen, and distorted. The condition is a subtype of rosacea, an inflammatory skin disease. Some people with rhinophyma may also experience symptoms of other rosacea subtypes. Other subtypes of rosacea cause […]

Low-Nicotine E-Cigs May Raise Toxin Risks

THURSDAY, June 14, 2018 — Ex-smokers who use low-nicotine liquid in electronic cigarettes breathe more deeply and more often when using the devices than those who use high-nicotine liquid, a small British study suggests. That means that users of low-nicotine liquid are at increased risk of exposure to e-cigarette vapor toxins such as formaldehyde, according […]

Coronary artery spasm: What to know

What is a coronary artery spasm? Causes What does a coronary artery spasm feel like? Complications Diagnosis Treatment Outlook A coronary artery spasm happens when the walls of blood vessels squeeze together, causing a part of the blood vessel to narrow. The spasm itself is not always severe or even painful. Sometimes, however, it can […]