What is the best thing for stiff joints?

What are the causes? Bursitis Osteoarthritis Rheumatoid arthritis Lupus Gout When to see a doctor What are the home remedies? Takeaway Many people experience stiff joints as they age. Others may experience joint stiffness due to medical conditions and lifestyle choices. Sometimes, people can treat stiff joints at home. Many people who experience joint stiffness […]

Fathers rarely participate in family-based interventions to prevent childhood obesity

Research shows that fathers play an important role in their children’s eating and physical activity habits, but a new study has found that dads are rarely included in family-based interventions designed to prevent childhood obesity. University of Guelph Prof. Jess Haines and her colleagues at Harvard Chan School of Public Health examined scientific studies worldwide […]

Binge-eating mice reveal obesity clues

Obesity is a growing issue in many countries, accelerated by easy access to calorie-dense foods that are pleasurable to eat (known as an ‘obesogenic environment’). But while it’s clear that eating too much leads to weight gain, little is known about the underlying behaviours that lead to overeating. To mimic this obesogenic environment, the teams […]