Dolomite Bio and Partek join forces on single cell analysis pipeline for Nadia instrument

Powerful Single Cell Analysis Solution for Researchers Dolomite Bio, a leading provider of high throughput single cell technology, and Partek Incorporated, a recognized leader in the development of powerful genomic data analysis tools – today announced a collaboration to combine Partek’s single cell data analysis capabilities with Dolomite Bio’s microfluidic droplet-based single cell technology. Single […]

Allen Institute for Cell Science launches first predictive and comprehensive, 3D model of live human cell

The Allen Institute for Cell Science today launched the first predictive and comprehensive, 3D model of a live human cell, the Allen Integrated Cell. By allowing researchers around the world to see many structures inside a living cell together at the same time, the Allen Integrated Cell provides a baseline for understanding cells and studying […]

Research shows that amniotic fluid contains stem cells of kidney origin

Amniotic fluid, the liquid surrounding the fetus, can be routinely obtained without harming the mother or the baby. Previously, Prof. Dr. Adjaye’s team and others demonstrated that amniotic fluid contains mesenchymal stem cells with great differentiation and regenerative potential. Importantly, amniotic fluid stem cells are immune privileged, non-carcinogenic and their potential clinical applications such as […]