Placenta-on-a-chip created to study caffeine transport from mother to fetus

Related video Engineers have used microfluidic technology to create a “placenta-on-a-chip” that models how compounds can be passed from a mother to a fetus. “I am interested in microfluidics and I’ve been excited about using the technology to understand what happens in the cellular environment and within the body,” said Nicole Hashemi, an associate professor […]

Treating constipation in Crohn’s disease

Related video Causes of constipation Medications Low-fiber diet Strictures Other causes Treatments for constipation Dietary fiber Fluids Exercise Laxatives Prescription medications Stopping medications Bowel training Biofeedback therapy When to see a doctor Summary Crohn’s disease tends to cause frequent diarrhea, but it can also cause constipation. This constipation may result from medications, other health conditions, […]