Role of biochip advancements in next-generation sequencing

Related video Biochips are essentially tiny laboratories designed to function inside living organisms, and they are driving next-generation DNA sequencing technologies. This powerful combination is capable of solving unique and important biological problems, such as single-cell, rare-cell or rare-molecule analysis, which next-generation sequencing can’t do on its own. Now that the scaling and throughput power […]

Scientists develop accurate, wearable voice recognition device

Related video Accurate voice recognition feature Neck skin vibration Application of voice recognition sensors Voice recognition A team of scientists has developed a flexible and wearable voice sensor that accurately recognizes the user’s voice, without being affected by the surrounding voice. The study, which was published in the journal, Nature Communications, shows how the team […]

What to know about congestion in babies

Related video Causes Symptoms Home remedies When to see a doctor Diagnosis Summary Congestion is common in babies. Baby congestion is usually harmless, but it can sometimes be uncomfortable, causing a stuffy nose and noisy or rapid breathing. Babies may experience congestion in their nose (called nasal congestion), or it may sound as though the […]

Vortex flow closely linked to pressure differences in ventricles of the heart

Related video Japanese scientists at Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology (TUAT), Teikyo University of Science, and Juntendo University have found — in animal studies — a close relationship between vortex flow and pressure differences in the ventricles, or lower chambers, of the heart. The new information could inform the development of new markers for […]

Harmful algal blooms in lakes, reservoirs

Related video Harmful algal blooms can cause big problems in coastal areas and lakes across the United States. When toxin-containing aquatic organisms multiply and form a bloom, it can sicken people and pets, contaminate drinking water, and force closures at boating and swimming sites. With limited resources to monitor these often-unpredictable blooms, water managers are […]

Making systems robust

Related video The human body ensures that the calcium concentration in the blood remains constant. In the same way, an aircraft’s autopilot keeps the plane flying at a constant altitude. What they have in common is that both the body and the autopilot employ sophisticated integral feedback control mechanisms (see box). Researchers in the Department […]