ECDC whole genome sequencing study helps understand prevalence of drug-resistant gonorrhea

Can whole genome sequencing illustrate changes in drug susceptibility of gonorrhea to antimicrobials used for treatment and so help to define more effective treatment regimens? The first study of this kind within an international surveillance program for sexually transmitted infections shows distribution of drug-resistant gonorrhea strains across Europe. The study results are published in an […]

Can stomach problems cause lower back pain?

Common causes of back pain and bloating Hormonal shifts Pregnancy Back injuries Gas and gastrointestinal (GI) problems Stress UTI Less common causes of back pain and bloating When to see a doctor Treatment options Treating infections and other causes Treating an underlying condition What if the cause is unknown? Home remedies Outlook Takeaway Back pain […]

Antibodies against one hemorrhagic fever virus found to disarm a related virus

Hemorrhagic fever viruses, so named for their ability to induce massive, and at times fatal, internal bleeding, captured the world’s attention during the Ebola outbreak of 2014-2016 in West Africa. But these pathogens’ high lethality, fickle seasonal and geographic patterns, compounded by a lack of preventive therapies, have frustrated scientific and public health efforts to […]

Why is my tongue bleeding?

Causes Mouth ulcers or blisters Oral infections Oral herpes Blood vessel abnormalities Tongue cancer Prevention Home remedies When to see a doctor Outlook A number of conditions could result in a bleeding tongue. Some of these conditions are serious while others pose no long-term health risk. The most common causes of a bleeding tongue include: […]

What to know about bone spurs

Causes and types of exostosis Symptoms Treatments Diagnosis Complications Outlook An exostosis, also called a bony spur or osteoma, occurs when a bony growth extend beyond a bone’s usual smooth surface. Exostosis can cause chronic pain or irritation, depending on its size and location. Sometimes, cartilage will grow over an area of exostosis, which is […]

Clinical study shows promising results of Nexodyn AcidOxidizing Solution in healing chronic wounds

APR Applied Pharma Research sa (APR), the Swiss independent developer of science driven and patent protected healthcare products, today announces the publication in “Advances in skin & wound care” (April 2018) of the results of a clinical pilot study on the efficacy and tolerability of Nexodyn® AcidOxidizing Solution (AOS), a sprayable Active Cleanser with ancillary […]