New screening method could catch organ rejection much earlier without a biopsy needle

Related video Earliest detection Bristly nanoball Exploiting rejection Comprehensive method Outdoing biopsies Immunosuppressant medications Too often, it’s only after a transplanted organ has sustained serious damage that a biopsy reveals the organ is in rejection. A new screening method using sensor particles and a urine test could catch rejection much earlier, more comprehensively, and without […]

Antimicrobial reusable coffee cups are less likely to become contaminated with bacteria, study shows

Related video Antimicrobial reusable coffee cups are safer to use than ordinary plastic reusable cups, according to independent research undertaken by microbiologists at Aston University in Birmingham. The researchers who compared ordinary plastic coffee cups to specially developed antimicrobial cups, found the antimicrobial technology inhibited the growth of most common types of bacteria by more […]

What to know about SIBO and its treatment

Related video Signs and symptoms Causes Risk factors Diagnosis Treatment SIBO Diet Complications Prevention Outlook A person with small intestinal bacterial overgrowth has too many bacteria in their small intestine. This bacterial imbalance in the gut can cause bloating, diarrhea, and pain. Small intestinal bacterial overgrowth (SIBO) is more common than doctors previously thought. It […]