Surgery: it takes
Surgery: it takes a million acts more as an outpatient by 2022

This is where the key to the future of the hospital, according to health authorities “Ambulatory surgery is at the crossroads of medical practices, technologies and organizations”, explains the boss of the French hospitals, Cécile Courrèges, director-general of the DGOS (Directorate general for healthcare provision). According to her, it is even “one of the dynamics […]

What is salmonella?
What is salmonella?

● What is Salmonella? This bacterium is naturally present in the digestive tract of livestock, such as cattle, chickens or even in reptiles such as snakes or turtles Salmonella is spread by their droppings. They can, in this case, enter in contact with the milk during milking. “The milk powder contains mainly cow’s milk, which […]

Yes the Eu
Yes the Eu Parliament and the cut of the bisphenol A, to zero in the food of the children

The environment Committee of the european Parliament has given the go-ahead to cut substantially limits contamination of bisphenol A (a chemical commonly used in plastics) from paints and coatings as those used on the inside of the cans, to food The draft of the implementing regulation proposed by the european Commission, approved by parliament, it […]