Almost everyone with
Almost everyone with a phd gets a job

Almost everyone with a phd gets a job 2018-06-19 Three years after graduation, over 80% of the doktorsexaminerade established in the labour market The proportion is roughly similar for those who have a higher education, at basic and advanced level. But doktorsexaminerade are in other sectors – mostly within the state. Of all who took […]

Lyme disease :
Lyme disease : increase in 2016

In recent years, the debates and controversies around Lyme disease have often made the news A growing awareness that seems to improve the knowledge of this disease is transmitted by the bite of a tick by the general public and health professionals, according to the bulletin épidémiologique hebdomadaire (BEH) released today. In this thematic issue, […]

We are all
We are all recipients of organs !

On the screen, the young man is struck down by a heart attack “We are all organ donors,” related as soon as a voice-off, shocking. The victim is transported by emergency to the hospital, but already his eyes glassy betray the fatal date. Again the voice resounds: “We are all organ donors”. After his arrival […]