Five myths about
Five myths about sleep

Uncovering the major myths about sleep, this is the idea of Dr. Rebecca Robbins, senior researcher in public health at New York university (NYU Langone Health), and his team In a study published April 16 in the journal Sleep Health , they removed 20 ideas received. “This approach is important in order to promote among […]

Beauty in oncology,
Beauty in oncology, the overall care of the patient at the Fatebenefratelli hospital of Rome

– Check up of the skin, manicure cancer, make-up, corrective and courses autotrucco, yoga, meditation, philosophy, creative writing, music therapy and colour of the mandala The part at the Fatebenefratelli Hospital-Tiberina Island in Rome, a collaboration with the Foundation “The Five ways of George”, the project “Care of Me” – I’ll take care of me […]