Strokes short but
Strokes short but fearsome

If one day you have, from one minute to the other, an arm or a leg, paralyzed, or simply become heavy, and difficulty to articulate, a loss of vision in one eye or difficulties to stand up, immediately dial 15, you are in the process of having a cerebral vascular accident (STROKE), infarction of brain […]

Abortion, by the
Abortion, by the Association Coscioni 4 proposals for the protection of the reproductive health

40 years after the law 194 on the voluntary interruption of pregnancy (Ivg), the Association Coscioni stresses that the priority is to give a correct application of the law and launches 4 concrete proposals for the protection of reproductive health The point, says the association, is “to regulate the conscientious objection (to the south involving […]

How Sweden is
How Sweden is to get more Nobel prizes?

The parliamentary election in 2018, How will Sweden get more Nobel prizes? 2018-05-21 Since 1901 has over 900 nobel Laureates have been appointed Among them are some 30 swedes, including three women. How to Swedish research to be able to compete globally? What is required to create excellence? So here are the answers the parliamentary […]