Are apples good for diabetes?

Are apples good for people with diabetes? Benefits of apples Diabetes and other fruits Berries and cherries Other fruits Should you avoid fruit juices? Outlook Apples are a nutritious snack, but are the sugars and carbohydrates in an apple good or bad for blood sugar and insulin levels if a person has diabetes? According to […]

Mobile application could help monitor diabetes

A Master’s student from South Ural State University is in the process of fine-tuning a mobile application he developed several years ago that enables people with diabetes to keep track of how well they are managing their condition. Credit: Syda Productions/ The new version of the application “DiaMeter” will include a carbohydrate unit calculator that […]

Study: Prediabetic patients with OSA could lower their resting heart rates by using CPAP

Patients with prediabetes who also have obstructive sleep apnea (OSA) may improve their resting heart rate, an important measure of cardiovascular health, by using continuous positive airway pressure (CPAP) to treat their OSA, according to a randomized, controlled trial presented at the ATS 2018 International Conference. People with prediabetes have blood sugar levels higher than […]