Arsenic and Rice: What You Need to Know

FRIDAY, May 11, 2018 — There’s a danger lurking in rice and you won’t find it by reading labels. It’s the chemical arsenic. And the threat isn’t about immediate poisoning but rather that long-term exposure to small amounts can increase the risk of bladder, lung and skin cancer, heart disease and diabetes. Arsenic naturally finds […]

Early time-restricted feeding improves blood sugar control and blood pressure, study shows

A new pilot study conducted by UAB Department of Nutrition Sciences Assistant Professor Courtney Peterson, Ph.D., shows that eating early in the daytime and fasting for the rest of the day improves blood sugar control, blood pressure and oxidative stress, even when people don’t change what they eat. “We know intermittent fasting improves metabolism and […]

Tissue-engineered islets used to treat sudden-onset type 1 diabetes in mice

Researchers tissue-engineered human pancreatic islets in a laboratory that develop a circulatory system, secrete hormones like insulin and successfully treat sudden-onset type 1 diabetes in transplanted mice. In a study published by Cell Reports, the scientists use a new bioengineering process they developed called a self-condensation cell culture. The technology helps nudge medical science closer […]

Activinsights celebrates success after winning Britain’s top business accolade

Activinsights – a world leader in delivering lifestyle insights and behavioral data analysis for healthcare professionals – is enjoying success after winning Britain’s top business accolade, the prestigious Queen’s Award for Enterprise in the International Trade category. The UK SME, based in Cambridgeshire, has extensive expertise in the analysis of human activities and behaviors using […]

Prestigious National Design award conferred to Design for America for corporate and institutional achievement

Design for America (DFA), a national network of students, mentors and community leaders using design thinking to tackle social challenges, has been recognized with Cooper Hewitt, Smithsonian Design Museum’s National Design Award for corporate and institutional achievement. “This is an incredible honor recognizing the value of DFA’s innovative approach to creating societal impact,” said Liz […]

Insight into blood signatures of inflammation

A new study from Boston University Schools of Medicine (BUSM) and Public Health (BUSPH) identifies a pattern of inflammation associated with cardio-metabolic risks among participants in the Black Women’s Health Study, as well as two independent groups of vulnerable women. These findings could help underserved patients benefit from precision medicine and personalized profiles of disease […]