Researchers identify molecular mechanism leading to cortical malformation from brain-only mutations

Focal malformations of cortical development (FMCDs) are a heterogeneous group of brain cortical abnormalities. These conditions are the most common causes of medically refractory epilepsy in children and are highly associated with intellectual disability, developmental delay, and autism-spectrum disorders. Despite a broad spectrum of cortical abnormalities in FMCDs, the defective migration of neuronal cells is […]

Cancerous cells in aggressive childhood brain tumor work together to infiltrate the brain, shows study

Scientists have discovered that cancerous cells in an aggressive type of childhood brain tumor work together to infiltrate the brain, and this finding could ultimately lead to much needed new treatments, according to a new study published in Nature Medicine today (Monday). In the study, funded by Cancer Research UK with support from Abbie’s Army […]

Short, intensive arithmetic training strengthens neuronal connections between brain regions

Researchers at the Leibniz-Institutes für Wissensmedien (IWM) and of the Graduate School and Research Network LEAD at the University of Tübingen now found out: Short and intensive arithmetic training strengthens the neuronal connections between brain regions in adults. This neuronal plasticity through numerical learning was already detectable after only five training sessions. Results of the […]

Study: Articulation-relevant brain regions are also active in perception of language

With an exceptional research design, Freiburg scientists have solved a research question that has been debated for decades Brain regions that are involved in the articulation of language are also active in the perception of language. This finding of a team from the BrainLinks-BrainTools Cluster of Excellence of the University of Freiburg makes a significant […]