University of Guelph researcher discovers cause of nerve cell death in Parkinson’s disease

February 27, 2018 A University of Guelph researcher has discovered one of the factors behind nerve cell death in Parkinson’s disease, unlocking the potential for treatment to slow the progression of this fatal neurodegenerative disorder. Prof. Scott Ryan has found that cardiolipin, a molecule inside nerve cells, helps ensure that a protein called alpha-synuclein folds […]

Mild cognitive impairment ‘treatable’ with regular exercise, say experts

MCI often precedes dementia ‘Physically and mentally active’ The American Academy of Neurology have updated their clinical practice guidelines for the care of people with mild cognitive impairment to recommend that they take regular exercise. Updated guidelines suggest that regular exercise could help to improve ‘cognitive measures’ in people with MCI. The guidelines were updated […]