TV watching proves more of heart health threat than a desk job among African Americans

Related video Binge watching TV may be a greater risk factor for heart disease and premature death among African Americans than sitting at a desk job, according to new research in Journal of the American Heart Association, the Open Access Journal of the American Heart Association/American Stroke Association. According to the author, these latest findings […]

Regular physical activity can be effective in reducing pain from arthritis

Related video Aerobic exercises Strengthening exercises Range-of-motion exercises More than 50 million U.S. adults have arthritis. Many experience severe joint pain and, likely because of their pain, don’t do much exercising if at all. But medical experts say that while joint pain is often managed with medication, regular physical activity, trying as it can be, […]

Study: Temperature-related mortality decreasing in Spain over the past four decades

Related video Temperature-related mortality has been decreasing in Spain over the past four decades, according to a new study led by the Barcelona Institute for Global Health (ISGlobal), a research center supported by “la Caixa”. The study analyzed the Spanish population’s vulnerability to hot and cold temperatures in the context of global warming. The study, […]