Scientists advance a way to track changes in a person’s cardiovascular system

Related video Every heart beat sends blood flowing throughout the human body. While an electrocardiogram uses a contact approach to measure the electrical activity of the heart, a ballistocardiogram is a non-contact way of measuring the mechanical effect of the blood flow through the cardiovascular system. Giovanna Guidoboni, Marjorie Skubic and a team at the […]

AHA News: Here’s How Middle-Aged People — Especially Women — Can Avoid a Heart Attack

Related video All News Consumer Pro New Drugs Pipeline Clinical Trials FDA Alerts More WEDNESDAY, April 17, 2019 (American Heart Association News) — Physical fitness is good for the heart, brain and overall health. But a specific type called cardiorespiratory fitness may help predict the odds of having a heart attack, especially for women, new […]

Study suggests new approach to treat renal fibrosis

Related video Renal fibrosis, the abnormal accumulation of fibrotic material within the kidney, hinders kidney function and may lead to eventual renal failure. Using genetically altered mice, researchers from Duke University investigated the mechanisms of interaction between the T cells, angiotensin receptors (AT1), and macrophages to understand their role in impeding renal fibrosis. A report […]