Apple cider vinegar pills: Health claims and evidence

Related video Claimed benefits Controlling yeast and other fungi Lowering cholesterol and reducing heart disease risk Treating or preventing bacterial infections Controlling blood glucose and diabetes Supporting weight loss Reducing blood pressure Risks and side effects Dosage Summary Apple cider vinegar is a type of fermented vinegar made from apples. Pills made from apple cider […]

Tighter blood pressure control could improve brain health finds study

Related video Tighter blood pressure control is standard practice in hypertension therapy. Researchers have found that in addition to the benefits this provides to the heart and the vascular system, it also helps lower the risk of cognitive decline and dementia associated with age. Image Credit: Seasontime / Shutterstock The study titled, “Association of Intensive […]

‘Intensive blood pressure management’ may preserve brain health

Related video The effect of intensive blood pressure control New research compares intensive blood pressure control with standard blood pressure management and finds that the former correlates with a lower chance of developing white matter lesions later in life. Managing your blood pressure ‘intensively’ may prevent brain damage later in life, new research suggests. Numerous […]

High troponin levels after exercise predict risk of cardiovascular events

Related video Research involving participants in a long-distance walking event Higher risk Stress test for the heart Regular exercise is healthy and reduces the risk of cardiovascular disease. Nevertheless, it appears that prolonged and/or intensive exercise can lead to an increase in cardiac biomarkers in the blood, such as the regulatory protein troponin. Troponin is […]