Why do I have dark spots on my lips?

Causes of black spots on the lips 1. Vitamin deficiency 2. Dehydration 3. Too much iron 4. Medications 5. Hyperpigmentation 6. Allergies 7. Hormone disorder 8. Venous lake 9. Sunspots 10. Angiokeratoma 11. Dental fixtures 12. Smoking and alcohol 13. Cancer Home remedies and prevention When to see a doctor Noticing black spots on the […]

What to know about flat warts

Identifying a flat wart Treatment and removal Home remedies Causes of flat warts Prevention Takeaway Flat warts differ from other warts because they are small and smooth. They may be hardly visible and are not painful. Because they appear in children more often than adults, flat warts are often referred to as juvenile warts. They […]