What are the early signs of oral cancer?

Warning signs and symptoms of oral cancer What are the causes and risk factors? Prevention Why is early detection so important? Takeaway Symptoms of oral cancer include difficulty chewing, lumps and sores, and white or red patches in the mouth. Early detection and treatment of oral cancer can help prevent the cancer from developing further […]

New protein complex may explain why patients develop resistance to novel anti-cancer drugs

A team of researchers at the University of Cambridge has identified a protein complex that might explain why some cancer patients treated with the revolutionary new anti-cancer drugs known as PARP inhibitors develop resistance to their medication. In a study published in Nature Cell Biology, the team from the Wellcome/Cancer Research UK Gurdon Institute show […]

Study: Blood test can predict response of advanced prostate cancer patients to treatments

An international collaborative study between Lawson Health Research Institute, Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, the Royal Marsden and Epic Sciences is one of the first to demonstrate that a blood test can predict how patients with advanced prostate cancer will respond to specific treatments, leading to improved survival. The study used a liquid biopsy test […]