How do cells sense glutamine and control their autophagy and activation?

TOR complex activation mechanism by Glutamine binding to Pib2 complex: When glutamine is available, cells start to grown, while is unavailable, they start autophagy. The regulation is catalyzed by TOR complex, which is further regulated by binding Glutamine to Pib2 complex. Credit: Osaka University TOR complex activation mechanism by Glutamine binding to Pib2 complex: When […]

Health Tip: Recognizing Lung Disease

— You shouldn’t ignore a nagging cough or mild wheeze. They could be symptoms of a lung disease, such as asthma, COPD or cancer, the American Lung Association says. Here are the association’s potential warning signs of lung disease: Cough lasting a month or longer. Shortness of breath. Excess mucous production. Wheezing. Coughing up blood. […]

Bayer introduces national Big Colon Tour in 2018 to raise awareness about colorectal cancer

Bayer is pleased to announce another year of partnership with patient advocacy organizations Colorectal Cancer Alliance (the Alliance) and Fight Colorectal Cancer (Fight CRC). Bayer is touring with the Alliance on the national Big Colon Tour in 2018 to bring a giant inflatable exhibit to 50 events nationwide to raise awareness throughout the year. Additionally, […]

New web-based support program could help reduce psychological stress in prostate cancer survivors

A new web-based support program will help reduce the psychological stress that impacts men who are recovering from prostate cancer. The new program, which has been developed by researchers at the University of Surrey working alongside NHS clinicians, offers online cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) sessions and both filmed and interactive peer support to survivors of […]