New ‘epigenetics-based’ cervical cancer test outperforms Pap smear and HPV tests

Related video ‘An enormous development’ Predicting a person’s risk of cervical cancer Reducing the number of screening appointments needed A new test for cervical cancer was found to detect all of the cancers in a randomized clinical screening trial of 15,744 women, outperforming both the current Pap smear and human papillomavirus (HPV) test at a […]

Ten year follow-up after negative colonoscopy related to reduced risk of colorectal cancer

Related video Ten years after a negative colonoscopy, Kaiser Permanente members had 46 percent lower risk of being diagnosed with and were 88 percent less likely to die from colorectal cancer compared with those who did not undergo colorectal cancer screening, according to a study published today in JAMA Internal Medicine. “Our study shows that […]

Loughborough academics part of new project investigating effectiveness of personalized breast cancer screening

Related video Loughborough University academics are to conduct research as part of a large-scale international project investigating whether personalized breast cancer screening is a better screening option for women aged 40 to 70. Dr Yan Chen and Emeritus Professor Alastair Gale, of the School of Science, say they are “very proud” to be part of […]

DFG establishes nine new Research Units and one new Clinical Research Unit

Related video The Deutsche Forschungsgemeinschaft (DFG, German Research Foundation) is establishing nine new Research Units and one new Clinical Research Unit. This decision was made by the DFG Joint Committee upon recommendation by the Senate during its winter session in Bonn. The new groups will receive a total of approximately €28 million, including a 22% […]

Study: Survivors of childhood Hodgkin lymphoma have high risk of developing solid tumors

Related video New research refines existing evidence that survivors of childhood Hodgkin lymphoma face an elevated risk of developing various types of solid tumors many years later. In addition, certain subgroups of patients have an especially high risk. Published early online in CANCER, a peer-reviewed journal of the American Cancer Society, the findings may help […]

Research focuses on optimization of solid lipid nanoparticle that encapsulates Vinorelbine bitartrate

Related video Vinorelbine Bitartrate (VRL), a semi-synthetic vinca alkaloid was approved by the FDA for breast cancer treatment, as it has been proven to be beneficial for first line of defense and subsequent therapies. But its hydrophilic and thermolabile structure causes hindrance to oral clinical translation. The main objective of this research is the development […]

New drug seeks receptors in sarcoma cells, attacks tumors in animal trials

Related video A new compound that targets a receptor within sarcoma cancer cells shrank tumors and hampered their ability to spread in mice and pigs, a study from researchers at the University of Illinois reports. The researchers conducted a multi-year, cross-disciplinary study that went from screening potential drug candidates to identifying and synthesizing one compound, […]