New optimization method rapidly analyzes nanomedicines for cancer treatment

Related video With their ability to treat a wide a variety of diseases, spherical nucleic acids (SNAs) are poised to revolutionize medicine. But before these digitally designed nanostructures can reach their full potential, researchers need to optimize their various components. A Northwestern University team led by nanotechnology pioneer Chad A. Mirkin has developed a direct […]

Rapid expansion of interventions could prevent up to 13 million cases of cervical cancer within 50 years

Related video Cervical cancer could be eliminated as a public health problem in most countries by the end of the century by rapid expansion of existing interventions, according to a modeling study published in The Lancet Oncology journal. The estimates, which are the first of their kind at a global-scale, indicate that combining high uptake […]

First molecular test predicts treatment response for kidney cancer

Related video National Cancer Centre Singapore and Lucence Diagnostics announce first molecular test that selects immunotherapy for kidney cancer Immunotherapy drugs such as PD-L1 checkpoint inhibitors represent the front-line treatment for kidney cancer. But immunotherapy is expensive, benefits only a subset of patients and is futile in the majority of patients. Now, researchers from National […]