Combination of a vaccine and checkpoint drugs reduces pancreatic tumors in mice

Related video Researchers at the Johns Hopkins Kimmel Cancer Center discovered a combination of a cancer vaccine with two checkpoint drugs reduced pancreatic cancer tumors in mice, demonstrating a possible pathway for treatment of people with pancreatic cancers whose response to standard immunotherapy is poor. Results of the experiments combining an immune system booster vaccine […]

Metal-based chemotherapy enhances the effect of cancer immunotherapy

Related video Combination therapies are the future Synergistic effects Internationally recognized Center for Precision Medicine (ZPM) Due to their powerful tumor-killing effect, metal-based chemotherapies are frequently used in cancer treatment. However, it was hitherto assumed that they damaged the immune system, because of their cytotoxic (cell-damaging) effect even against dividing healthy cells. In a scientific […]

New $1.6 million NIH grant supports study on a gene vital to circadian rhythms

Related video Circadian rhythms (from the Latin circa diem — “around a day”) based on the Earth’s 24-hour rotation have been observed since the fourth century. But it’s only recently that scientists have come to understand the fundamental role of circadian rhythms in everything from body temperature to reproduction to metabolism. Disruptions of our internal […]