Discovery of human immune trigger could have implications for treating several diseases

A discovery about how human cells are ‘triggered’ to undergo an inflammatory type of cell death could have implications for treating cancer, stroke and tissue injury, and immune disorders. A research team from the Walter and Eliza Hall Institute in Melbourne identified the molecular trigger in human cells that drives necroptosis, and implicated defects in […]

Rutgers Cancer Institute educates childhood cancer survivors about late effects of treatment

Facing pediatric cancer as a patient or caregiver is challenging enough, but to understand the impact of the late effects of treatment is equally challenging to this population. That is why Rutgers Cancer Institute of New Jersey consistently educates childhood cancer survivors about this topic through its LITE Program. The effort is being further assisted […]

Study tests accuracy of device designed to detect heart dysfunction in childhood cancer survivors

Bottom Line: A wireless device designed for detection of heart dysfunction in childhood cancer survivors treated with anthracycline chemotherapy was accurate and displayed a low false-negative rate as compared to cardiac magnetic resonance (CMR) imaging. Journal in Which the Study was Published: Clinical Cancer Research, a journal of the American Association for Cancer Research. Author: […]

New risk-prediction model may help identify diabetic patients at high risk of pancreatic cancer

Patients diagnosed with pancreatic cancer can develop elevated blood sugar levels up to three years before their cancer diagnosis, according to the results of a study by Mayo Clinic researchers published the journal Gastroenterology. “Pancreatic cancer is rapidly fatal after its diagnosmodel is, with average survival of six months,” says Suresh Chari, M.D., a gastroenterologist […]

Researchers develop new microscope system that can image living tissue in real time

A new microscope system can image living tissue in real time and in molecular detail, without any chemicals or dyes, report researchers at the University of Illinois. The system uses precisely tailored pulses of light to simultaneously image with multiple wavelengths. This enables the researchers to study concurrent processes within cells and tissue, and could […]