Quadrant Biosciences announces collaboration on research into treatment of ASD

Related video Quadrant Biosciences, Inc., an emerging life science company based in Syracuse, N.Y., today announced its collaboration with the Autism Speaks® Autism Treatment Network (ATN) and its university research partners on research into the treatment of autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The ATN is a collaboration of Autism Speaks and some of the finest children’s […]

Metabolic signatures in blood may help in earlier diagnosis of autism, shows research

Related video Metabolic signatures in the blood of children with autism spectrum disorder (ASD) may lead to earlier diagnosis of the condition for some children, according to newly published research. These biochemical signatures provide insight into how the body metabolizes certain amino acids important to typical neurodevelopment. Children with these metabolic signatures are placed into […]

Bacterial activity in child’s mouth may serve as biomarkers for autism spectrum disorder

New research suggests that shifts in the bacteria within a child’s mouth could provide objective biomarkers for identifying autism spectrum disorder. The findings of this research, conducted by scientists from Penn State Medical Center, SUNY Upstate Medical University, and Quadrant Biosciences, Inc., catalyze development of a novel, saliva-based panel to aid clinicians in the early […]

Study provides evidence of link between autism and homelessness

The first peer-reviewed study into autism and homelessness has been published, in the journal Autism. The researchers found evidence suggesting that autistic adults are over-represented among the homeless population. They have called for more research to understand the links between autism and homelessness, to help prevent autistic people becoming homeless and to improve support for […]