Changing size of neurons could shed light on new treatments for motor neuron disease

New research published in The Journal of Physiology improves our understanding of how motor nerve cells (neurons) respond to motor neurone disease, which could help us identify new treatment options. Motor neurone disease referred to as Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (ALS) is associated with the death of motor nerve cells (neurons). It starts with the progressive […]

Canola oil may worsen memory

Canola oil and Alzheimer’s Canola oil increased plaque formation Canola oil is regularly promoted as a healthful cooking fat. A new study, however, suggests that it could be more harmful than helpful — particularly for the brain. Researchers found that a diet rich in canola oil worsened memory in mouse models of Alzheimer’s. By studying […]

Alzheimer’s: Protecting ‘powerhouse’ of cells may fuel new treatment

Amyloid beta and Alzheimer’s disease A role for mitochondria? Evidence of disruption to mitochondria Pre-treatment may protect neurons Injury to mitochondria — tiny powerhouses inside cells that provide them with energy — triggers events that occur early in Alzheimer’s disease and may offer a promising target for treatment. Researchers suggest that injury to mitochondria may […]