Despite safety standard, laundry packet exposures increase in older children, adults

Related video A new study conducted by researchers at the Center for Injury Research and Policy of the Abigail Wexner Research Institute at Nationwide Children’s Hospital and the Central Ohio Poison Center investigated trends in calls to poison control centers across the country for exposure to liquid laundry detergent packets. It found a modest decrease […]

Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation announces first round of awards of Diagnostics Accelerator initiative

Related video The Alzheimer’s Drug Discovery Foundation (ADDF) announced today the first group of researchers who will receive funding through its Diagnostics Accelerator, a new research program that aims to fast-track the development of diagnostic tools and biomarkers for Alzheimer’s disease and related dementias. With funding from a coalition of philanthropists, including ADDF Co-Founder Leonard […]

Astrocytes protect neurons from toxic buildup

Related video Astrocytes are overtaxed neurons’ pit crew. The brain cells collect damaged lipids secreted by hyperactive neurons, then recycle those toxic molecules into energy, researchers at the Howard Hughes Medical Institute’s Janelia Research Campus report May 23, 2019, in the journal Cell. It’s a mechanism to protect neurons from the damaging side effects of […]

Researchers find link between high LDL cholesterol levels and early-onset Alzheimer’s

Related video Researchers with the Atlanta Veterans Affairs Medical Center and Emory University have found a link between high LDL cholesterol levels and early-onset Alzheimer’s disease. The results could help doctors understand how the disease develops and what the possible causes are, including genetic variation. According to Dr. Thomas Wingo, lead author of the study, […]