How to treat
How to treat endometriosis?

“He should first take care of the rules painful, and sometimes even before discussing the diagnosis of endometriosis, is reminiscent of the Pr Raffaèle Fauvet (CHU of Caen) We prescribed an analgesic, and if that’s not enough, a contraceptive that will work on a possible endometriosis”. Taken continuously, the latter will, in fact, on pain […]

Wine: towards the
Wine: towards the e-label for calories on the label and the Eu

(ANSA) – BRUSSELS, 06 MAR – THE producers of bevandealcoliche the Eu will present on 12 march, the Eu commissioner allasalute Vytenis Andriukaitis their proposal to provide aiconsumatori information on ingredients and nutritional values,such as calories It will be a system of “flexible” secondoi various products (wine, beer, spirits) explains to the BEND ilsegretario general […]