The stomach and intestines rebel? Nux vomica

Nux vomica: the seeds of the jatropha tree, hot as a homeopathic preparation. This proves particularly in the case of stomach and intestinal discomfort well.

The stomach and intestines rebel? Nux vomica-543

The dried seeds of the Jatropha fruit for over a thousand years for healing purposes – first of all, both in , Ayurveda, folk medicine of India, as well as in traditional Chinese medicine, in short TCM. What was the geographical proximity. Because of the emetic nut tree, also crow’s-eye tree, is native to Southeast Asia. Later, the seeds went on the trip to Europe and came to Germany. Here, you introduced by Samuel Hahnemann in 1805, in which he founded homeopathy. Where you quickly one of the main resources advanced: According to the Internist, gastroenterologist and homeopathic physician, Dr. Joachim Wernicke, Emil Schlegel clinic in Rottenburg, is Nux vomica, until today, “the number two in homeopathy

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