Digital detox on

Digital detox on vacation, first there is the anxiety and then a sense of liberation

Mobile phones, laptop and tablet will be disconnected

Via even the sailors. For those who forsake them during the vacation, for more than a day, as a compensation of ‘digital detox’ we will be chatting and sharing new knowledge with the people of the place and directions on places outside the tourist guides, who sometimes don’t you just go on the web to find but that might be a highlight of the trips. How does it feel disconnected? Like on a roller coaster.

The initial symptoms are anxiety, frustration, and withdrawal on the part of many travellers, but in the following growing levels of acceptance, fun and the sense of liberation. It detects a search of the University of East Anglia, that of Greenwich, and the Auckland University of Technology, published in the Journal of Travel Research. The researchers, who have also taken their part in the study, they examined the emotions before, during, disconnecting, and after. A total of 24 participants from seven countries have traveled in 17 States and regions.

For the most part has been disconnected for more than 24 hours and the data were collected through diaries and interviews. “Some have embraced the experience immediately,” explains Brad McKenna, one of the authors of the study, the other having initially struggled. Many have remarked that they were more focused on the surrounding environment from disconnected”. .

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