Dietary supplements to

Dietary supplements to protect the heart would be useless

Selenium, beta-carotene, vitamins, antioxidants.

.. A little over two in ten French regularly take food supplements.

The purpose of this? Have a better mine, beautiful hair or even improve his cardiovascular health.

Yet, more and more studies are showing that these products are not effective.

The latest of these, published on July 9 in the journal Annals of Internal Medicine , highlights once again the uselessness of the majority of dietary supplements, particularly in the area of cardiovascular health. The study included data from 277 studies of the type “randomized controlled trial”. A somewhat term barbarian refers to studies in which the participants are divided into two groups where one receives the product to be tested, the other not. The distribution is done at random to ensure homogeneity between the two groups (diet, lifestyle.

.. .. .). Here, the studies analyzed were about 16 dietary supplements, including vitamins, minerals, antioxidants or omega-3. ” READ ALSO – dietary Supplements: antioxidants are, at best, useless, or even dangerous No evidence of effectiveness, “The panacea that people are looking for is not there. ” Pr Erin Michos, a professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins Results? There is no evidence that these products protect against cardiovascular disease (myocardial infarction, STROKE, coronary heart disease.

.. ..

.) or in the risk of death.

“The panacea, or universal remedy that people are looking for is not there,” says professor Erin Michos, in a press release, study author and professor of medicine at the Johns Hopkins university (Usa).

“People should rather seek to obtain their nutrients from a diet beneficial to the heart, because the data show that the majority of healthy adults do not need to take food supplements”. As is often the case in nutrition, nothing can replace a complete diet. As recalled by the website Mangerbouger. .fr it is necessary to “consume at least 5 fruits and vegetables per day, for their contributions in vitamins, minerals, fiber”. Gold under the pretext of taking dietary supplements, some may be tempted to neglect this goal. “Take food supplements should not be an excuse to eat no matter how” warns the Pr Luc Cynober, professor of nutrition at the university Paris Descartes and head of the biochemistry department at the Cochin hospital. ” READ ALSO – The supplements, a very lucrative trade are Useful in case of deficiency pathologiqueCependant, in individual cases, they can be useful. “There are two types of complémentations food. In one case, it remedies a deficiency in the other, it is to find the effect by using doses above what we find in nature”, explains the Pr Cynober, author also of the book on dietary supplements. Some shortcomings may appear in the case of certain pathologies such as cancers, for example. “Taking dietary supplements can assist you when you are in deficiency pathological,” says the Pr Safi Khan, lead author of the study. On the other hand, when the origin of the deficiency is only an unbalanced diet, the complementation is not the solution, according to the doctors. “I would not advise taking nutritional supplements instead of adjusting diet,” says the researcher. Even without scientific effectiveness has been proven in the dietary supplements market is doing well: in 2018, in France, these companies have chalked up more than 1. .9 billion euros in turnover, according to the national Syndicate of food supplements.

In spite of the ban to include therapeutic claims, the sale of dietary supplements for the health has known an increase of 4.

.6% in the pharmacy last year. “People are willing to put money in order to live longer and better,” says the Pr Cynober.

“Still it is necessary that they be oriented toward the right products.

.” .

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