With silicon-Gel against gastrointestinal problems

Especially in the summer time some suffer like gastro-intestinal complaints. Silicon Gel provides quickly for a good gut feeling.

With silicon-Gel against gastrointestinal problems-388

The summer is here! Extensive barbecue evenings is now nothing in the way and for many of the long-awaited holiday is coming, also, – the warm Season is so often a reason for joy. But sometimes the summer can also literally on the stomach and thus the good mood. For example, if food in the heat should be, grilled meats are not cooked, or foreign food a not good get.

Silicon-Gel raises the pathogens out

If the stomach plays intestinal tract crazy, is asked fast and natural help, for example by silicon-Gel. It is also known as silicic acid Gel. Its active principle is transported: harmful pathogens on the eyes, and gently out. Because of this natural remedies for poison sucks and pollutants like a sponge and puts you in a natural way from the body. This is made possible by the high concentration in the Gel contained in the silica particles, Molecular clusters form. So the symptoms are alleviated and the gastro-intestinal tract back in Balance. Moreover, the Gel gases bind, and thus, annoying gas and bloating reduce. And: it is also a natural and quick help for heartburn. Due to its good tolerability, and the natural effect of silicon is a suitable Gel is also good for children.

Important: If the discomfort does not disappear after one to two days, fever or severe pain occur, you should consult a doctor.

Convenient for on-the-go

In the preparation of silicea gastro-intestinal Direct is the silicon-Gel is portioned in convenient Sticks. So it can be taken to anywhere with and also without water applied. The Sticks are available in health food stores.

Source: Yupik PR

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