Week sarcomas, from

Week sarcomas, from the first to the 7th of July a campaign to get to know them

Sarcomas do not have geographical borders and, above all, teamwork is needed to get them to know more about

This is the meaning of the campaign “#PartOfIt”, launched by the british organisation Sarcoma UK to spread the knowledge and make visible this family of tumors, of which 75% of the population knows nothing about. The campaign, launched on the occasion of the week of awareness on sarcoma (July 1-7) is relaunched and married in Italy by the Trust Paola Gonzato-Network Sarcoma Foundation. On the occasion of the week you can raise your profile is to Facebook the logo of the campaign or send a sound with a testimony on the impact that the sarcoma has had in his life ( from patient, family of patient, doctor, nurse). Classified as rare tumors and the ultra-rare, because they affect about 4,000 new patients a year in Italy, sarcomas includes more than 80 different types, from those of the bones to those of the soft parts, which also include tumors of the gastrointestinal tract (GIST) and desmoid, benign but often aggressive.

Can affect any part of the body and can arise at any age. “Remain tumors are little-known, because of the rarity and complexity, not only for people, but also for the majority of the doctors, not specialists,” notes the Trust. The symptoms, especially at the beginning, are non-specific and this does not facilitate the diagnosis. The correct, early diagnosis by experienced pathologists, it is absolutely necessary before starting any treatment, both for the outcome on the disease, both for the quality of life.

In Italy, the Trust Paola Gonzato-Network Sarcoma non profit promoter of the project Infosarcoma aimed at the development and dissemination of appropriate information and language that is understandable to patients with sarcoma and to anyone who has an interest in this theme in depth. .

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