Heart failure does

Heart failure does not go on holiday, the advice from the experts

In the summer, diseases such as heart failure do not go on vacation

As with any chronic disease, the clinical picture of failure can in fact become more critical during the summer months, to the prolonged heat waves that put a strain on the physique of patients, often frail and elderly. In Italy this disease affects about a million people and, every year, the 190,000 hospitalizations, over 520 per day. To raise awareness on the subject is born the Campaign “Every Heart Counts.

Especially your” promoted by Novartis in partnership with the Italian Association of Heart failure patients (Aisc), and the patronage of four Scientific Societies (the Italian Society of Cardiology – Sic, the Italian Society of Gerontology and Geriatrics – Sigg, Society of General Medicine – Simg, the Federation of Associations of Managers of Hospital Internists – Fadoi). With the arrival of warm, experts want to attract the attention of patients and care-givers about symptoms and adherence to treatment. “During the summer months – explains professor Claudio Pedone, Director of the School of Specialization in Geriatrics, Campus Bio-Medico of Rome – an aspect that is particularly critical regarding the therapy. We know that patients with congestive failure are treated with diuretics, but in the summer the heat can cause a significant loss of fluids, in addition to a lowering of blood pressure. It may be necessary to adjust the dosage in the winter. But never act independently, always check with your doctor, preferably at the beginning of the hot season or when they start to become obvious symptoms, weakness and dizziness, which may be related to a dosage not more correct. Today we have the drugs really effective for early treatment failure, but the effectiveness depends on adherence to therapies, and it is known that in the summer it tends to shrink.

” For patients who remain in the city, the reference is the family doctor.

“It is not uncommon,” explains dr. Enzo Nunnari, the provincial Executive of Rome Simg – that the elderly living alone, or left alone during the summer, drink a little, feed not properly or take medicine.

Us doctors, we are called to keep under control the patients most at risk”. From June to depart, in the framework of the Campaign “Every Heart Counts”, a series of meetings doctor-patient in 15 Centres in Italy. This will be realized a leaflet to learn how to recognize the symptoms, and not underestimate the risks, and on the page Facebook AscoltailTuoBattitoITA you can find lots of information.

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