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Sleep with the tv on can make you gain pounds too

Also eliminate bad habits, how to sleep with the tv on in the room, it can help you lose extra pounds

And’ what is suggested by a study published in the journal JAMA Internal Medicine, according to which, for women, leaving an artificial light on at night is linked to a higher probability of becoming obese. For the study, the researchers followed nearly 44,000 more women in good health, aged 35 to 74 years.

Many, about 17,000, slept with a night light in the room, for example that of an alarm clock, while over 13,000 leaving a light on outside the room, and about 5,000 were sleeping with a television or a monitor turned on in the bedroom. At the beginning of the study, the participants were in many cases overweight, but not still obese, and none of the worked shifts that could stop the cycles of sleep. After nearly six years of follow-up, those who sleep with a television or a light in the room have been shown to have 22% more likely to be overweight and 33% more likely to be obese than those who slept in total darkness. “Turn off all the lights at bedtime may reduce the chances of women becoming obese,” said Yong-Moon Park, senior researcher at the National Institutes of Health in Research Park Triangle, North Carolina. Globally, 1.

.9 billion of adults are overweight or obese, according to the World Health Organization, and this condition may increase the risk of heart disease, diabetes, kidney problems, joint disorders and certain types of cancer.


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