Homeopaths are concerned

Homeopaths are concerned about the notice imminent, health authorities on the refund

In a salon in a cozy atmosphere of the House of Latin America, along the boulevard Saint-Germain in Paris, the atmosphere was tense on Wednesday 12 June

It was an important day for the actors of homeopathy. This morning, three doctors appointed by Boiron, Lehning, and Weleda, the companies of the homeopathic drug, had a rendezvous with the transparency commission of the High Authority of Health (HAS). A final opportunity to plead the cause of the granules prior to that the HAS handed down its final opinion on the retention or non-refund of homeopathy, which is scheduled for June 28. Notice that is committed to following the Health minister Agnès Buzyn.

In the month of may, the health authority had decided provisionally in favour of the déremboursement. Hence the need not to miss the coche. De return of the HAS, the three experts were presented at the press conference, the mine defeat.

“I have the impression that we were not in the good commission,” says Dr. . Jean-Lionel Bagot, one of the three experts. This is the week that the trio, paid by the laboratories, preparing for this interview for the last chance, studies under the arm.

“We didn’t come to defend a drug but a therapeutic strategy,” says Dr.

. Bernard Poitevin. “I respect the work of the HAS, but it seems to me that this is not a very high level of intellectual honesty than to proceed as it did. ” “Their evaluation is not adapted to homeopathy”, critical of Dr.

. Bagot. “We have been listened to, the dialogue has been fruitful, but the commission has never ceased to reaffirm its position. “” READ ALSO – How the products are manufactured in homeopathic? The end of an exception?His position, here it is: since homeopathy has the status of a drug, it is subject to the same rules of evaluation, namely, evidence of its safety but also its effectiveness, on the basis of scientific studies. As for the time being, some homeopathic products are reimbursed at 30% by the health Insurance without which their manufacturers do not have to provide such evidence. An exception that is perfectly suited to supporters of homeopathy.

“The support homeopathic is individualized depending on the mode the reaction of the patient, that is to say, his way to get the disease,” explained Dr. . Poitevin. “We do not treat in the same way two patients with bronchitis, spastic, which is why it is difficult to assess a homeopathic medicine in particular.

” However, there are many studies on the issue, but the sum of those with a correct methodology (randomized, double-blind) did not demonstrate superior efficacy to placebo (a product devoid of active principle). Faced with this reality, many scientific bodies international have already spoken to the detriment of homeopathy, like the NHS (the health agency british), the NHMRC (health care agency australian), of the scientific Council of the Academies of sciences in europe or in France, of the French national Academy of medicine, which reaffirmed last march that “the meta-rigorous analysis did not demonstrate the effectiveness of homeopathic preparations.

“” READ ALSO – What actually contained the homeopathic medicines against flu-A white paper very politiqueFace to these repeated attacks, the manufacturers have prepared, in conjunction with representatives from 17 unions and associations, pro-homeopathy, a white paper aimed to formulate “concrete proposals”.

The document of 21 pages, printed on glossy paper, raises the expressions of support of 17 members of parliament and senators, patients and physicians, and conducted 5 proposals – far from being revolutionaries — among which “strengthen the teaching”, “supporting the development of research in homeopathy” and of course “keep the rebate to 30%”.

“The idea for this paper germinated at the beginning of the crisis,” said Dr. . Charles Bentz, president of the national Union of homeopaths.

The “crisis” in question was triggered by the publication in march 2018, in The Figaro of an opinion signed by 124 physicians.

“We have a lot of work for a year,” says Dr.

. Bentz.

The objective was to provide answers to people asking us where they could find our arguments”. In the Face of the weight of the evidence (8 pages 21), the rationale for scientific advanced doesn’t weigh heavy: only a few lines devoted to it, featuring the earlier studies for the most part.

As regards possible mechanisms of action of these drugs, they are totally ignored in the white paper. The scientific Council of the Academies of sciences, the european court, for its part, that the principles of homeopathy are “incompatible with the concepts of chemistry and physics”.

” READ ALSO – “homeopathy in the face of his accusers,” Intense communication campaign The prospect of a refund cache an economic issue of size for the three companies in the sector, who has accumulated at least 395 million euros in turnover and employ more than 3200 people in France, of which 2500 to the single-laboratory Boiron.

Determined to stay in the game without suffering the rules, the manufacturers put all the chances on their side to avoid the déremboursement.

For several weeks, they lead an offensive on all fronts: a petition of almost a million signatures, visits to the prime minister’s office and the ministry of Labour, the development of a strong political supporters, among whom the mayor of Lyon Gérard Collomb, and the president of the region Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes Laurent Wauquiez, launch of a communication campaign “MonHoméoMonChoix” on the social networks and in the pharmacies or purchases advertisements from influenceuses on Instagram, as was recently revealed to be the site Numérama. . .

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