Efsa, restrict the

Efsa, restrict the phosphate in the food in order to protect the young

– The total intake of phosphate from food can exceed the safety levels between children and adolescents, and will be introduced limits to their use as additives in food supplements

Are the conclusions of the experts of the european food safety authority (Efsa), following a new scientific opinion on the phosphates, essential nutrients that may be present naturally in foods but are also added as emulsifiers or preservatives in a wide range of products.

According to experts, the additives contribute from 6% to 30% of the total intake of phosphates through the diet. Efsa has identified an acceptable dose daily for these substances, has indicated that this new dose can be exceeded more easily by children and adolescents, and recommended to the Eu institutions to introduce limits are currently non-existent, the phosphates are used as additives in food supplements. (ANSA).

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