Discoloration of the

Discoloration of the hair: attention to the substances of very allergenic

To the rear of his shop, the dressing table catches its products and operates its mixtures

In a few brush strokes, it will offer to the client who waits impatiently on his chair in the discoloration of his hair which will allow him to obtain by following the blonde of his dreams.. .. But this little moment of pleasure is not without danger for the hair stylist, and the client, alerts the Anses (Agency for food safety) in an opinion issued Wednesday, 12 June. Products for discoloration and capillary are frequently compounds of persulfates of ammonium, potassium or sodium. “Substances used for their oxidizing properties,” highlights the Agency. Effective certainly, but also “classified as sensitizers respiratory and skin in the european regulation CLP regulation (on classification, labelling and packaging)” note the Handles which adds: “they represent the second leading cause of asthma professionals in link with chemical exposures, after the quaternary ammonium compounds” . . A risk for salon professionals and consumers when these substances are used in powder to mix in with a liquid, in granules, cream, or liquid ready-to-use. Professional exposure mainly occurs during the preparation, application and rinsing of the products, by the respiratory route, and skin”, the Agency says, which reminds us that the situation is the same for the discoloration of the house. ” READ ALSO – world asthma Day: six questions about a disease far from trivial consequences the most direct and most visible are allergic reactions. “The analysis focused on the properties of respiratory sensitization and skin of the persulfates. The other properties in danger of these substances have not been taken into account for this analysis,” notes the agency in its notice.

In this framework, and for the professional, “more than 1 000 cases of pathologies linked to the persulfates have been identified between 2001 and 2015: asthma, allergic dermatitis, rhinitis, hives, anaphylactic shock and other respiratory diseases,” notes the Agency.

For the Handles it is urgent, therefore, to restrict in “the best possible” use of these substances which can also be used in the bleaching products for the hair, in order to “protect the health of workers and consumers exposed”.

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