Children: education for

Children: education for sleep is necessary

Lack of concentration and attention, hyperactivity, mood disorders.

.. These are the common lot of the small school children who have hours of sleep and irregular sleep too little. Naturally, this goes hand in hand with learning difficulties. . And this is not all. Of public health specialists from the university of Warwick have recently reviewed a forty epidemiological studies of children and adolescents, from birth up to the age of 18 years: in the analysis that they have published, they highlight a real risk of overweight or obesity when sleep is lacking chronically, especially before the age of 10 years. These risks are well known to the specialists of sleep of the child. The pediatrician Marie-Josèphe Challamel adds to the increased fragility vis-à-vis infections.

Sleep poorly, or not enough, weakens the immune system. It is thus necessary to educate the child in terms of sleep and its importance to his health and well-being. It is necessary to give directions: to bed always at the same time, and especially get up at the same time, avoid the lack of sleep, etc, This education should normally be the responsibility of the parents.

But worry about they really? In any case, many teachers complain that they find themselves in a class of sleepy children. ” READ ALSO – The WHO recommends the least amount of screens possible for less than 5 years During sommeilDans the French primary schools, “during sleep” can be provided as well by the teachers. “With my team, we seized the opportunity,” explains Stéphanie Mazza, teacher-researcher at the laboratory for Health Services and Performance Research (Hesper) in Lyon, france. We were asked frequently enough to intervene with the parents, and we felt sure that this was not really effective. First, because only the parents already acquired to the cause came to our conferences, and second because it is more effective to send a prevention message directly to children. “By questioning the teachers, this sleep specialist has understood that they did not feel sufficiently accompanied to develop this topic in class, due to lack of resources. So, she went to solicit the graphical talent of students of an art school in lyon and the scientific advice of sleep specialists to design a “tool” key in hand”: a pedagogical kit for teachers of cycle 2 (CP-CE1-CE2), and including sheets of preparation for eight sessions, but also a comic and a cartoon.

” READ ALSO – Why our brains need sleep as A teaching tool very efficaceCe material is now available to teachers, via the internet site Grannie Tonpyj. It has, already, been tested in five schools in lyons, and in the words of Stephanie Mazza, the results of which will soon be published are “extraordinary”: “After following the program for one month for two sessions per week, the children have seen their sleep to increase by an average of thirty minutes, the duration in question has coincided with the recommendations of pediatric – nine to eleven hours of sleep at the age of 8-9 years. Better: the least good sleepers are those who have benefited the most, the nights lengthened from fifty minutes!” The ball is now in the camp of the teachers. As for the researchers, they think of a similar work with college students. . .

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