Sick cancer spend

Sick cancer spend 5 billion euros a year out of their own pocket

Almost 5 bln euros a year

And’ the expenditure of their own pocket from cancer patients between medical visits (1.1 bn), transportation and stays at the point of care (1. .5 billion), medicines (808 million) and interventions of reconstructive surgery (425 million). It emerges from 11/mo Ratio on the condition of the welfare of the cancer patients presented in the Senate by the Italian Federation of the volunteer associations in oncology (Favo) on the occasion of the national Day of the cancer patient. Cancer patients in Italy are about 3. .300. .000, of which almost 700 thousand in treatment.

For them, it sees the Honeycomb, the Nhs spends about 14% of the total health care expenditure, a share of around 16 billion euros (estimated for 2018). But “in spite of the undeniable commitment of the public system – such as the Report points out – the cancer patient is often called to put hand to the portfolio to meet a variety of needs both medical care and evidently not wholly offset by the government assistance”. As to the individual costs, the survey and the Honeycomb – carried out through interviews with over 1200 sick and as many caregiver – notes that 57. .5% of patients, respondents to the survey (corresponding to about 1million 900 thousand cancer patients) spent on visits and diagnostic assessments an average of 406 euro for the year (respectively 156. .4 euro-for-performance, for an average of 2. .6 performance in a year).

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