Italian sedentary, greedy

Italian sedentary, greedy and smoking, but die less

Habits die hard, and separating from it is exhausting

The show the italians that they continue to eating, smoking and not caring about her case of physical activity despite the international guidelines indicate that the balance at the table, the movement and the elimination of tobacco are the best way to good health.

However, in Italy you die less: in particular, it has decreased the burden of premature mortality in the age group between 30 and 69 years of age, 26.5% for men and 17,35 among women. And’ up instead of the alarm for the mortality from infections contracted in the hospital: it has gone from 18. .668 deaths in 2003 to 49.

.301 of 2016, and Italy, almost counts for 30% of all deaths from sepsis in the 28 Eu Countries. “There is a massacre in progress, thousands of people die every day from hospital infections, but the phenomenon is underestimated, there is the widespread idea that it is an unavoidable fact,” said Walter Ricciardi, director of the national Observatory on the health, the presentation of the 16th Report Osservasalute 2018. The other major concern relates to the aging of the population: although Italy is one of the longest-lived Countries, it is also true that the elderly do not have adequate assistance, and that chronic diseases require health spending that the time is not enough. In essence, those over 65 spend more time of european young people in poor health, and in contrast to that in Sweden or Germany, does not have any residential facilities and personnel at home to meet the rising demand. Currently, the management of chronic diseases, which particularly affect the elderly accounts for about 80% of the costs of the National Health Service. In 2017, the over 65 were more than 13.

.5 million, 22.

.3% of the total population. The projections of the National Institute of Statistics show that this segment of the population in 2028 will come to 26. .0%, equal to more than 15. .6 million inhabitants, while in 2038 will be more than 18. .6 million, 31. .1% of the italians.

The projections of the chronicity indicate that less than 10 years, in 2028, the number of chronically ill will rise to over 25 million (today there are almost 24 million), while the multi-chronic will be about 14 million (today there are over 12.

.5 million).

Currently, in Italy, it is estimated that you spend a total of around 66.

.7 billion for the chronicity. According to the projections made on the basis of population scenarios for the future, and those of the State General Accounting office, the relationship between public health spending and the Gdp is expected to grow from 6. .6% 2017 6.

.8% in 2030.

In other words, we should move from the current 114 billion to 139 billion in 2030. The lighthouse remains lit even on that third of the population 18 years and over (35.

.4 percent) is overweight, while more than one person in ten is obese (10,5%). In total, indicates the Report, 45. .9% of the individuals is excess weight, of which the 24. .2% of children and young people.


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