Blood pressure check-up

Blood pressure check-up pressure and shopping cart

A check-up at the pressure control and also to the shopping cart to “flush out” hypertension

On the occasion of the World Day of Fight against Hypertension, Saturday, may 18 back to the fifth edition of the Physician and the Friend’s Day with the initiative ‘A light heart’, promoted by the National Union of Autonomous Italian Doctors (Snami), with the contribution of Menarini. In the major shopping centres in 12 Italian cities, all citizens will be able to undergo, free of charge, to the measurement of the blood pressure and control of the cart, receiving advice to reduce the risk of hypertension, from the diet. Under the lens, therefore, the purchases in the supermarket: the treatment of hypertension, warn the experts, it goes by the ‘three C’s’ of regular Checks and Walk to the right movement, but also the Basket of healthy foods for a diet-saving the arteries.

A low salt diet is essential to keep the pressure high, which gives no symptoms evident but greatly increases the risk of heart attack and stroke, and affects 16 million italians. Saturday, may 18, therefore, every citizen going in the major shopping centers in 12 cities, will be able to undergo, free of charge, to the control of blood pressure, in addition to the medical volunteers of Snami will check the shopping cart to see if the power supply is common or less adequate.

During the Day, the points ‘Doctor Friend’ Day will be open from 9 to 19 and are held in the malls in Caserta, Cuneo, Frosinone, Gorizia, Matera, Modena, Palermo, Pesaro, Terni, Turin, Treviso, Bari, italy. The data collected during the Doctor Friend Day 2019 will be included in anonymous form in a White Paper on the hypertension, which will be presented and distributed at the next National Congress of Snami in October 2019.

“About 33% of men and 31% of women has the pressure values exceeding 90/140 mm hg, the threshold above which the heart and vessels are in danger – says Angelo Testa, President Snami -. Unfortunately, many are hypertensive without knowing it: the data collected in a previous edition of the contest in the 1800’s people confirm that one Italian in three has hypertension, but stress that the 14% don’t know it.

. A big problem, because hypertension is the risk factor for death or serious disability the most important, to the point where you have passed the hazard of tobacco smoke and air pollution. Those who suffer from hypertension, in fact, is much more exposed to strokes, heart attacks, coronary artery disease, renal insufficiency, and atherosclerosis. Hypertension is asymptomatic, so diagnosis rarely and is often discovered during a hospitalization for cardiac events traumatic”.

However, the style of life of the italians does not protect you from high blood pressure, fact: 62% of the hypertensive is not doing any physical activity, and 82% had a waist circumference higher than the safety threshold for the metabolic and cardiovascular pathologies, which indicates a high weight and poor nutrition. “The choice of a shopping center is also born from the desire to ensure that the control takes place in a relaxed atmosphere and without stress, and also avoids the emotional influence of a clinical environment which maybe a person might be sensitive, showing a higher pressure than the real one, the so-called ‘white coat hypertension’,” concludes the Head. – The shopping cart anti-ipertensioneChi suffers from high blood pressure or is at risk of developing it can divide the foods into three macro-categories to be deleted from the shopping cart, buy with moderation, or to spare at will. Foods to avoid: all products with a high content of salt (sausages, processed foods, pickled products, the foods preserved in salt), or too rich in sugars.

Also avoid the condiments in excess: it is better to give a taste with the spices. Foods to restrict: wine, coffee and tea, but also red meats, cheeses and products ready from the oven.

Foods anti-hypertension: the cart can be filled with fruits, vegetables, legumes, white meat and fish. Also essential to drink enough, at least 1. .5 liters per day of water, preferably low mineral content. . .

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