Health: Gimbe, the

Health: Gimbe, the powder keg on which lies the spectrum of new cuts

Health care is a “powder keg” on which “hangs the spectre of further cuts due to the downsizing of the economic growth in the FINAL”

In parallel, “a number of critical political, economic and technical, are likely to run aground the signing of the Pact for Health, which is linked to the increase in funding for Health”. To launch the alarm is the Foundation Gimbe (Italian Group for Evidence Based Medicine). At the base of the strong concerns for the sealing of public health is the reduction of the economic growth of the Country “which makes it a little realistic, the increases envisaged by the Law of the Budget for the 2020-2021”, as related to the ratio of health expenditure to GDP, which remains stable until 2020 and then decrease from 2021. DEF 2019, says Nino Cartabellotta, president of the Fondazione GIMBE, “has certified that the increases in the demand for the national health 2020-2021 are utopian, given the forecast increase in GDP to which they are linked”.

Also, with the safeguard clause, “the block of 2 billion of public spending in 2020 will inevitably be to attack the public health”. Finally, the FINAL 2019 indicates the new Pact for Health as a tool of governance to optimize the public spending, but in reality, the Covenant also affects the resources for health, as required by the Budget Act of 2019″.

However, the strait between the red-hot climate of electoral competition for the consultations of europe and between the additional complexity due to the regionalism differentiated the Pact for health, which has far exceeded the deadline of the subscription, namely 31 march.

“The government and Regions took 4 months for sniffing each other – ends Cartabellotta – in the meantime, the scenarios of political, economic and technical have changed, making the road to the conclusion more and more uphill and full of obstacles”. (ANSA).

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