The day of

The day of women’s Health, initiatives in the whole of Italy

Initiatives throughout Italy for the national Day of women’s health, established with the Directive of the President of the Council of Ministers on 11 June 2015 and promoted by the Ministry of Health together with the Foundation, Atena Onlus

It is celebrated every year on 22 April, with awareness-raising initiatives and prevention organized by the major institutions, associations, scientific societies, concerned with the promotion of women’s health. Also this year, from the North to the South, there are several initiatives and meetings to deepen the central themes of the health of the female along with the possibility of medical consultations and free screening. It goes from the Sant’anna Hospital of Bergamo has organized free testing for osteoporosis to the Lilt of Rome, which offers free tours to new mothers for the prevention of breast cancer and to the salivary glands. The Italian Society of pediatrics (Sip) focuses instead on the importance of vaccination against whooping cough in pregnancy, with an action of information on the website and on social channels of the Sip. While a page of the website of the Italian Federation of general medicine doctors (Fimmg) is dedicated to the health of the woman, with downloadable materials that family physicians can use in the waiting rooms of their studies. On the 22nd of April, there will be a special edition of FimmgNotizie with thematic articles on the health of the female. All the initiatives promoted online and on the territory, associations, hospitals, and by the network of Irccs that have obtained the logo of the Day are listed on the website of the Ministry of Health, in a dedicated section. Finally, since 2007, the national Observatory on the health of women and gender (Wave) gives the Stamps the rose, a recognition to the Italian hospitals ‘are close to the women’ with services dedicated to the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of the main diseases of women. On the website is possible to see the cards of all the hospitals with its award-winning services and learn about the free services offered on the occasion of the initiatives “Hospitals open door”.

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