Pino and Simon,

Pino and Simon, in bike, in defiance of the disease

ROME – There are trips in which the obstacles are not on the street, but inside the traveler

And this is exactly the journey that Simon and Pino will begin on the 31st of may next. Simone Masotti, architect 41-year-old of Udine, has Parkinson’s for 13 years.

Pino Orlandi, pensioner Milan 63-year-old, three years ago, he was diagnosed with Alzheimer’s. Yet, the 31st may, the two will leave for a trip by bike along 400 kilometers away, to the dirt roads of Croatia.

Ten days of cycling challenging to demonstrate that, even with their illnesses, you can do magnificent things.

But Pino, and Simon will not be alone in this journey. With them, there will be two legends of cycling, the Italian, the milanese Sergio Borroni and Ralf Kirchoff.

The people who did shipping a bicycle in all over the world, from Mongolia to Patagonia, from the Andes to the Himalayas.

This time, they decided to accompany two friends on the journey more difficult and more exciting: the one beyond the limits of their disease. “I’ve always had the passion for the bike – says Simone, who is married and has a son of 9 years old. I do mountain biking and freeride. There are studies (not yet conclusive), which indicate that the Parkinson’s patients have benefits of going in bicycle. When I took the drugs, the days that I was cycling, I could reduce them.

Then four years ago I have implanted a stimulator under the skin, with two wires going into the brain and a remote control that activates them to reduce the symptoms. After the operation I didn’t think I would have gone to the bike. And instead.


.. .”.

Simone had a dream: to make a long trip in bike.

So, one night, he gathered the courage and wrote on Facebook to Sergio Borroni, and ask for information on how to organize the thing, despite his illness.

In the small world of travellers in bike Italian, Borroni, 64 years old dentist retired, is a true legend, not only for its adventurous trips, but also for the documentary with which he tells them on YouTube, full of beautiful pictures and humor. The two you hear on the phone, speak for a long time. Until Sergio blurts out: “But you are looking for information or a person that would like to accompany you?”. “I said, ‘the second’ – said Simon -. . And he responded, ‘I could offer you Croatia. If problems arise, we can be easily fit at home'”. But it is not finished. Borroni involve in the project his friend Pino, a companion of evenings at the pool, who suffers from Alzheimer’s. And to complete the team, brings to the board his fellow-shipping Ralf Kirchoff, athletic fifty-year-old German who moved to Milan. “I wanted to give a nice positive message – he says Borroni -.

. Even with these diseases, you can continue to make beautiful things.

In the United States there is even an association of cyclists sick of Parkinson’s disease”. But the sense of journey, sums it up well Pine, the Alzheimer patient: “When I was diagnosed with the disease, I started crying. Then I said, we have to pull forward. . And so let’s go”. ..

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